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Global certification of good agricultural standards

Global GAP certification

March 2018 KCB and agricert-certificate  DE PRODUTOS ALIMENTARES LDA signed the strategic cooperation agreement between organic product certification and Global GAP certification of good agricultural practices worldwide.

In accordance with the agreement, both sides will jointly conduct organic product certification at home and abroad in accordance with relevant regulations and standards of the eu, China and other countries and regions.

AGRICERT - CERTIFICATION DE PRODUTOS ALIMENTARES LDA is a professional organization engaged in agricultural product certification, mainly engaged in eu organic product certification and Global GAP certification activities, and provided trade, technology and other services to the certification organizations.

The Global good agricultural practices GAP, the former EUREP GAP, is a globally recognized standard for agricultural products. Global G.A.P. Global good agricultural practices cover products such as crops, agricultural products, and animal products, so good agricultural practices apply to both farms and animal farms. The Global GAP was launched in 1997 by the European retailers' association, an ngo, and organized the development of retailers, agricultural suppliers and producers. The Global GAP was originally drafted by representatives of various parties involved in the European vegetable and fruit industry, and was supported by an organization of producers outside the European Union. Today it has become a globally recognized threshold for agricultural production, committed to ensuring the quality and safety of agricultural products and the sustainability of agricultural activities.

Global certification is for the purpose of good agricultural practices are a part of the production chain of good standard, it can also be used jointly with other food safety standards, such as the BRC and IFS, to examine the whole production chain.

Benefits of Global GAP certification:

Streamline makes it easier to enter the market

Streamline negotiates with retailers more clearly

PM helps to obtain international buyer's approval

The potential increase in quality and output

Rationalization helps to reduce food safety risks in the production of agricultural products

Greater commitment to continual improvement

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