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EU organic product certification

In March 2018, KCB signed a cooperation agreement with the Portuguese agricultural certification agency AGRICERT-CERTIFICA? O DE PRODUTOS ALIMENTARES LDA for organic product certification and global good agricultural specification Global GAP authentication strategic cooperation.

According to the agreement, the two sides will jointly carry out organic product certification based on relevant laws and regulations of the European Union, China and other countries at home and abroad.

AGRICERT-CERTIFICA?? O DE PRODUTOS ALIMENTARES LDA is a professional organization for certification of agricultural products, mainly engaged in the EU organic product certification and Global GAP certification activities, and provides services for the certified organizations in trade, technology and other aspects.

The EU organic agriculture regulation clearly stipulates that food or processed foods must contain at least 95% of the agricultural components from organic farming or biological farms to indicate "organic (organic)". The EU not only strictly stipulates that it refuses to use any synthetic chemical fertilizer and artificial chemical plant protection agent in all organic production, but also does not use any artificial additives in the process of processing, and takes specific strict measures, such as all kinds of land active agents prepared according to the same kind of therapy, to strengthen the vitality between the soil and the agricultural products. The interaction of the rhythms. In addition, the EU organic agriculture regulations further require the cultivation of farmers to maintain the overall concept of the nature cycle in farming, making the farm a natural cycle and life and self-sufficient ecosystem to maintain the high energy and purity of agricultural products without pollution. At the same time, organic production also prohibits the use of genetically modified organisms (GMO) and products produced by genetically modified organisms, and products containing GMO should not be organic markers.

The export of EU's organic products certified products to the EU market can get more buyers' favor and better economic benefits.

KCB can provide two certification of Chinese organic product certification and EU organic product certification at the same time according to customer's needs, which can provide better value-added services for enterprises.

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