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Commodity after-sales service certification

Service has become an indispensable part of people`s lives. As the demand for quality of service has become higher and higher, service certification came into being. The competition in Chinese service market is becoming fiercer and fiercer, and the phenomenon of homogenization competition is becoming more and more serious. Therefore, enterprises need to innovate their service mode and improve their service quality in order to remain invincible in the market. The service certification can not only provide technical support for the enterprise, improve service quality and win the trust of consumers, but also regulate the industry, avoid price competition and form a good atmosphere of competition, so as to promote the sound and rapid development of the service industry.

The significance of service certification for enterprise development:
1. Enterprises that established service system can find out their own deficiencies in service activities, establish a sound service process and improve the quality and level of service;
2. Through certification, enterprises can refine their own service features, innovate their own service modes, make precise location and build service brands;
3. The certification results will help enterprises improve their popularity and credibility, increase consumer confidence in consumption, increase public trust and enhance market competitiveness;
4. The authentication certificate can enable enterprises to gain a greater competitive advantage in large project bidding, government procurement bidding, industry rating and other aspects.

Commodity after-sale service certification is to review the service capacity of enterprises and to assess the level of service by using Commodity After-sale Service Evaluation System Standard (GB/T27922-2011).

Advantages to enterprises of getting the certification of KCB commodity after-sale service evaluation system:
1. Authoritative Certification. Enterprises with the certification can prove their nationwide and industry-wide service leadership;
2. It is the important reference and qualification requirement of large enterprise and institution bidding, government procurement and other activities;
3. Consumer Recognition. Enterprises with the certification can mark "After-sale Service Certification" star logo on their products and packaging, which is convincing and confirmatory and makes consumers to buy at ease;
4. Enterprise service reaches the standard. The service ability of enterprises with the certification can meet the national standard, which can strengthen the service management level and service ability;
5. It makes enterprises to continue to improve service, improve service system, establish good after-sale service reputation, continue to improve service quality and enhance the continued income of service profit chains.








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