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Appeal &Complaint Procedure

In order to maintain the impartiality and objectivity of the certification, KCB consciously accepts the supervision from all walks of life, interested parties and certified organizations, and earnestly accepts and deals with every appeal, complaint and dispute. KCB and GFA Certification GmbH jointly provide FSC certification service. As a subcontractor, KCB performs a full range of activities in the FSC COC. The peer reviewing, certification deciding, issuing certificates and the use of FSC trademarks are handled by the GFA Certification GmbH.

Chinese version of complaint procedure document:    SSP_PRO_Complaints_2.1_cn

Chinese version of appeal procedure document:    SSP_PRO_Appeals_2.1_cn

If you need to see another language versions, please open the link:http://www.gfa-cert.com/en/public-documents/

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