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From forests to the final consumers, products need to undergo several processes such as production, processing and sale.

FSC? chain of custody certification verifies that FSC? certified materials are identical and keep separated from non-certified materials throughout the chain by tracking the product from the forest to the supply chain. All enterprises in the supply chain, including logging companies, factories, manufacturers, wholesalers, printers, retailers and anyone with forest products ownership before the final consumer, need to go through the FSC? certification process before acquiring FSC? certification mark or advertising FSC? certification product.


The Chain of custody approach ensures that consumers buy FSC? certified products from responsible enterprises. As for the FSC? certified products purchased by final consumers, each company who owns the forest product materials is going to be FSC? certified. FSC? certified products have FSC? certificate codes, which show the products come from managed forests, controlled sources, recycled materials or the combination of the above three, thus providing reliable assurance for customers and final-users. FSC? certification marks help you maintain your brand reputation and help you successfully advance into the market that highly values environmental protection.


KCB delivers FSC? certification services in association with GFA Certification GmbH. GFA Certification GmbH acquired FSC? accreditation in 2000 and was the first German accredited certification body. GFA as a leader with the largest market share of FSC? in Germany, currently has more than 1500 issued certificates, is one of the world`s leading certification bodies, thus can provide customer with high-level expertise and services.

According to the requirements of FSC?, the cost of FSC? certification is not a fixed price system. The cost depends on the duration of the audit and the scope of the certificate.

AAF fee: The annual management fee charged by FSC? is based on the turnover of the company with all wood and fiber products.

If you have any questions, please call the number in the menu bar of
Contact Us on the left side. For the FSC? certification proposal, please fill out the online application form on the left and we will contact you when we receive the application.

 FSC?Official website

 FSC?Certificate query databasehttps://info.fsc.org/certificate.php

 FSC?Related standard queryhttps://ic.fsc.org/en/document-center

 FSC?Trademark service license holder searchhttps://info.fsc.org/nonholder.php

 GFA Certification GmbH Websitehttp://www.gfa-cert.com/en/

If there is a need for FSC certification service in the North America,please contact and apply with GFA's US-based partner Advanced certification solutions(ASC).                                                                       
 Advanced certification solutions(ASC) official website: www.advancedcertificationsolutions.com 

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