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China good agricultural practices

Based on the principle of risk assessment, GAP (Good Agricultural Practice) Certification uses modern agricultural knowledge and the quality control system from the farm to the table to scientifically standardize every part of agricultural production. It also pays attention to the quality and safety of agricultural products, staff welfare and animal welfare. At the same time, it gives consideration to environment protection and human health insurance. After many years of development, the concept of good agricultural practice standard has been favored by many large buyers in China, and it has been modeled as the two parties` standard for agricultural product purchasing. As the civil aviation professional and traditional certification institution, Kai Xin Certification (Beijing) Co., Ltd. brings the long-held spirit of excellence into the new areas of agricultural product certification, and upholds the concept of "transferring trust, developing service". We will, as always, keep on innovating and enhance service quality and consciousness. We will insist on creating higher value for certified organizations and providing valuable, professional and efficient services!

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Certification Scope

National Standard

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Good agricultural practice product certification


GB/T20014-2013Good Agricultural Practice Series National Standards  (among which "Flower Module" is GB/T20014.25-2010)

Implementing Rules Of Good  Agricultural Practice CertificationCNCA-N-0042014

Good Agricultural Practice  Product Certification Catalogue

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