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Contact Us

Contact Us

If you have any questions about KCB and our media relations activities, please dial: 400 616 1189

General Manager:
8610 - 6551 2190
[email protected]

Manager Representative:
8610 - 6553 3099
[email protected]

Vice General Manager:
8610 - 6552 8538
[email protected]

Market Distribution
  • Hangzhou Marketing Department

    Address: 18/5000 406A, xinzhong building, xinzhong west street, dongcheng district, Beijing Mailbox: Phone:010-84473218 Fax: Mailbox:[email protected]
  • Anhui Marketing Dapartment

    Address: 21/5000 Room 1704, building 5, chunyuan community, dacheng road, fengtai district, Beijing Mailbox: Phone:010-68671310/68675260 Fax: Mailbox:[email protected]
  • Jiangxi Marketing Department

    Address: Room 501, unit 2, building 18, xiubo classic, no. 888, hubei avenue, qingshan district, qingshan district, nanchang city, jiangxi province Mailbox: Phone:0791-86289093/86296709 Fax: Mailbox:[email protected]
  • ShanDong Marketing Department

    Address: 24/5000 Room 1601, building C, jinyu international, 48 wangjing west road, chaoyang district, Beijing Mailbox: Phone:8610-82026208/64787398 Fax: Mailbox:[email protected]
  • Tianjin Marketing Department

    Address: Room 617, building F, haitai information plaza, huayuan, nankai district, tianjin Mailbox: Phone:022-59385161 Fax: Mailbox:[email protected]
  • Zhengzhou Marketing Department

    Address: Room 1910, mingmen international center, intersection of hongzhuo road and dongming road, zhengzhou city Mailbox: Phone:0371-55013932 Fax: Mailbox:[email protected]

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